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Sharp earnings marketing with twitter This method is to share links that different companies we promote. These links have to be published in the groups that are linked to the product you are offering.

Where do I get those links? Very simple. You have to use Clickbank. Clickbank is a website that concentrates thousands of articles available to offer.

You can start earning money with any of them working as a seller or as an affiliate.

It should be clarified that all these products are not “physical” items. What you have at your disposal are digital products, that is, you can sell premium accounts, online courses, ebooks, diet programs, etc.

check this HOW TO START?
You must first have a ClickBank account. Then, you have to enter the website and click on where it says “market” and look for a product that you want to promote.

Then you click on promote and it automatically generates your affiliate link. That link is the one that you have to share in groups that are related to the topic, and for each sale you make you will receive a commission that will be around 30 to 70% depending on the product.

The secret is not to abuse the publication of these links, otherwise you will be expelled from the groups accused of spam.

That is why you must alternate between publications that provide content to groups and others that offer the product you want to sell.

monetize fanpages If you are a fanpage owner this trick will help you. It consists of monetizing your Facebook groups.

If you don’t have a successful fanpage, you can create one whenever you publish attractive content and that it is well structured.

You can get money from Facebook groups through the sale of mentions.

Many blog owners will be eager to share content on Facebook groups that have a large following.

Another monetization method of fanpages is by inserting advertising. To do this, look for a company that pays you a percentage for each click that is made on your ad.

The last method to earn money from your fanpage is related to the first way we mentioned. If you have a Facebook group you can publish your Clicbank link, and for each sale you make you will get a percentage of money.


Facebook has its own advertising system, as does Google with Adwords for example. What is Facebook Ads? Facebook Ads is the ad system that Facebook offers.

This platform is responsible for sharing banners with the product you want to sell.

The way to work with Facebook Ads is related to the first method that I explained in this article.

To do this you have to invest some money in Facebook Ads to show an ad about the product you want to sell.

With a small investment you can promote the products you obtained at Clickbank to offer.

The advantage of this method is that Facebook Ads will allow you to earn money within a few minutes of hiring the service, as it will promote your product instantly and to the public that is interested in the topic and that you have chosen.

While it requires a little investment, it is a much more powerful alternative than fanpages.

Before publishing the ad, Facebook Ads allows you to preview it. So focus on creating an attractive banner and at the same time clearly observe the product you want to sell.

lending club loans

This method is aimed at those users who have some stagnant money who wish to put to work. If you are one of them start earning money with the tool that I will name you below.

The tool in question is called Lending Club. Lending Club is the name of an American loan company.

This company was the first to offer a loan service between private users through the internet.

Lending Club created an application for Facebook. This app offers all the legal support so you can perform benefits safely.

It is a way to help some third party that needs urgent money, earning profit on the interest you charge on your return.

The interesting thing about this method is that it does not demand much time, since you only have to deposit your money, and allow the application to put it to work for you.

The last way we will explain is for blog owners. As Facebook is the most important social network on the planet, it is an excellent method to promote your site and get free traffic.

How to promote my blog on Facebook? There are two alternatives. The first one is through the use of Facebook Ads.

It is the fastest and most effective method.

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