¿what is forex and how to make money?


i thought about this As you know, the currency exchange does not forgive mistakes, does not grant concessions to beginners and requires operators maximum precision in decision making. Almost everyone has heard how their acquaintances or relatives earn money in Forex and name such a famous and popular Forex broker, as Alpari. Meanwhile the very different information is heard. Some say that you can really earn money, others say it is fraud and you cannot earn in Forex. Many compare Forex with casino, sports betting and other random games. But it is not really so. Let’s know what the financial market really is.

The trade itself is carried out as in a regular market at free prices, which is dictated by supply and demand. But unlike the regular market with products, here are currencies in the Forex market.
How to make money in Forex?
There are two radically different types of earnings in the currency market, this is independent negotiation and trust management or investment in PAMM accounts.

Independent trading in the Forex market.

Everyone recommends starting studying Forex literature, reading some books, going to seminars or hiring a tutor. Then open a demo account, which is no different from a real account, except virtual money. In this account you learn to trade and show stable profits. And only after that can you move on to real trade.
Automatic trading in the Forex market
Today there are many different advisors that operate according to a specific algorithm. Mathematical values ​​are set based on the indicators and the system opens and closes transactions automatically.

This allows you to win without having enough knowledge. As a rule, such systems open many transactions with a small profit. There are different principles of automated trading systems: some are based on martingale principles, others use a simple intersection of moving averages.

Trust management
Trust management in the Forex market has existed since the first transactions began. It is very beneficial to lend money to an experienced operator who earns money for a certain fee.

But there is a significant disadvantage: this is the amount of the initial investment. A few operators that are willing to take small amounts. As a general rule, the initial investment in this case should be tens of thousands of dollars.

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